January 16, 2015

"The Only Routine With Me Is No Routine At All." - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I love revisiting the past through fashion.  I wasn't around in the seventies (although I sometimes wonder if I was there in a past life) but I am infatuated with the look of that decade.  I once saw a photograph of Jackie O. (my fashion everything) wearing a beautiful camel wrap coat and it became my mission in life to find a replica of that wrap. This was actually more challenging than I would have expected, BUT...enter the Fashion Gods, 
I was at Neiman Marcus recently and just when I least expected it, there she was...the most gorgeous, classically-chic Fleurette coat. This was a major moment for my wardrobe and a very important time to splurge. Money should be spent wisely when it comes to creating your wardrobe.  There are a few key items that you will have forever and a beautiful, well-made coat is one of them.  
You must know when to splurge and when to save, which can be a grey area for some people.  For me the rules are simple: invest in handbags, shoes, and coats. The colors must be neutral: black, white, camel or brown.  When you're shopping, and you find something you love, but you're not sure if you should spend the money, just imagine yourself in twenty years (I know, so scary!).  When you open your closet, are you still going to be reaching for that item?  
Just remember, classic will always be in.  
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