October 22, 2017


I hope you all had a great weekend!

Winter White Earrings (currently 20% off)
Cherry Earrings (have wanted for awhile and now they are majorly discounted!)
High Waist Velour Leggings (I have these and LOVE them. They fit over the belly if you're pregs!)

October 19, 2017


Well, let me start by thanking you all for your patience!  I am a bit of a perfectionist, and just when I thought I was done, I had another idea!  It was such a relief to finally feel like it all came together, and I could not love it more.  

One of the main reasons it took me so long was that I originally thought I would keep everything white, so that my clothes would stand out, but after living with it, I couldn't stand it!  I am a color girl through and through, and plain/stark walls do not bring me inspiration...it was just so NOT Teggy French.  The room needed something, and that something was a bit of a "Grandma Chic" retro vibe, much like the fashion I collect and adore.  So what started with a Le Fleurs De Toulon throw pillow led to reupholstering my desk chair in the same fabric, which turned into needing a matching wallpaper accent wall (thank you Carleton Varney and Dorothy Draper!). A pink high-gloss ceiling would follow (thank you Parker Kennedy for the reassurance on that!), and it finally felt like me.  I feel so beyond happy and grateful every time I set foot in it...even thinking about it makes me giddy!

So, my advice on decor is this: take chance, don't stop until you get "that feeling" (you will know what I mean when it happens), and remember: "To some, less might be more, but it can also be a total bore!".

Mirror: One Kings Lane
Lavender Side Table: Broome Street Studio
Stevie Swivel Chair: Society Social
Le Fleurs De Toulon Throw Pillow: Carleton Varney
Le Fleurs De Toulon Fabric and Wallpaper: Dorothy Draper FW
"Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Wonderful" Pillow: Furbish Studio
Lavender Throw Blanket: F. Gerald New
Frenchy & Cha Cha Staffordshire Painting: Willa Heart
Desk Chair: Jonathan Adler
Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore Coral Pink
Closet Design: California Closets 


October 17, 2017


Thanks so much for stopping by!

October 15, 2017


Look 1
Can you tell that I am already thinking holiday?  I am trying to get everything in order before the baby comes (in just seven short weeks!) and although fitting into that bow top might be wishful thinking, I can't pass up the opportunity to own something so fabulous for under $100.00 (it also comes in black).  I own an older Tibi skirt very similar to the striped one shown here, and I wear it all the time so I can vouch that it's a great piece to add the the wardrobe (high-waisted is key when wearing a cropped top).  Oh, and the feather clutch?  No brainer! I have a pink one and I wear the heck out of it so the black will be headed to the Teggy Cloffice.  

Look 2
The center outfit is not so much holiday, but just SO cute.  The dress reminds me of Gucci, but without the price tag.  The furry earrings are currently 30% off, and I am not sure how they will look, but it's worth ordering while they are sale as you can always return them should they not work.  As for boots, they are a bit over $100.00, but they are FABULOUS and I want them.  Due to my swollen feet I am holding off on new shoes, but you all should give these bad boys a whirl.

Look 3
I am getting bit of fall with an easy transition into holiday with this outfit.  I will be ordering the whole look because, as you well know, anything plaid, sparkly, and affordable needs to be mine.


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