January 15, 2015

"Fashion Is About Something That Comes From Within You." - Ralph Lauren

I was recently asked how I would describe my personal style and it made me realize that, for me, it's nearly impossible to type-cast how I dress .  If you asked me on the day I was wearing the outfit above, I would say "Country chic, very Ralph Lauren," but ask me tomorrow and I could answer "Glamour-Glitz" while adorned in sequins and feathers (and I don't mean the uber-chic kind from Ralph Lauren Collection).  Each of  my outfits has its own very different character--which I know sounds a bit crazy--but  hey, if the shoe fits....! I am consistently-inconsistent in my style while consistently being me....and I suppose I just answered the question. Xx
Sunglasses: C/O Victory Optical (30% off with code "Teggy30").  Sweater: Old Ralph Lauren (similar). Jacket: TJ Maxx (similar). Belt: Oscar de la Renta (scored for 70% off in Nantucket). Skirt: Arden B. from years ago (love this one). Shoes: Ralph Lauren (on sale!). Bag: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx.

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