November 26, 2019


I am so excited to finally reveal the bespoke bed linen project I have been working on with interior designer, Ashley Moos!  Ashley is the owner of A. Home, my favorite home boutique in Summit, New Jersey. Ashley's perfectly curated home furnishings, accessories, luxury linens, fabrics, carpets...spark magic when you walk through the door. Each exquisite display vingette Ashley and her team creates is a jewel box that is simultaneuosly inspiring and attainable.  I was so inspired,  I knew with Ashley I had found the right person to entrust with designing my forever monogram.  As if that wasn't exciting enough, I then discovered she could take my custom monogram and design the most exquisite bedding I have ever seen . 

During the design process Ashley took the time to get to know not only my style, but also what was important to me as a person when it came to my bedroom.  I realize I have become known for my love of color, but I actually treasure the serenity of an all white bedroom.  This became challenging because, as you can imagine, investing in expensive bedding is counterintuitive to being the mom of a toddler, and allowing our maltipoo, Snickers, to sleep in our bed...#sorryNOTsorry! While many designers might have tried to sway me from going with all white and ivory, Ashley's design concept stayed true to what I love...and she nailed it on the first try!  She was the first designer to show me I could have it all with her luxurious yet liveable bedding. 

I could not be any happier with how everything turned out, and I am also excited to report that I gained an amazing friend in Ashley. We are bonded by our mission to inspire others through our love of attainable luxury... and if you just so happen to see us working on our next project over drinks at Summit House laughing our butts off, please come join us! 

We are girl's girls who want to create a more beautiful world while not taking ourselves (or our decor) too seriously...
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