June 29, 2017


I can't believe that I am almost halfway through my pregnancy!  It is now time to start thinking about "Baby Dubs's" nursery, and I am SO excited to have been introduced to one of my new favorite websites, 32/7, to help me with this project.  If you are a new mommy looking for a one-stop shop that involves not only the best of the best products, but articles, interviews, and advice, as well, then this site is about to become your best friend.  And did I mention that they also carry clothing for you?!  More to come on that in the next week!

Below you will find information on all of my nursery must-haves.  Let the fun begin!

Classica Pram Bassinet:  This is a luxury classic that I just can't resist, and I have wanted one of these for my baby for as far back as I can remember.  I picture the chic mothers of the 1960s adorned in their white gloves, strolling down Park Avenue with their perfectly dressed bundle of joy.  I have already begged my husband for this, and, seeing as Santa is coming right around the same time as our little boy, am hopeful that one of them will remember!
Scoot 3-Drawer Dresser:  The beauty of white furniture in a nursery is that it goes with everything.  You can use color throughout the rest of the room, while still keeping the furniture lines crisp and clean. In addition, I think the subtle details of brown gives it a nice twist and I love the mid-century design of this piece.  You probably could predict that my nursery will have to have a touch of retro, so this dresser would be perfect!
Blue Cable Knit Blanket:  A baby blanket, such as this beautiful cable knit, is a must-have for a new baby, and I simply fell in love with this perfect shade of blue.  If my baby is anything like his mama, then he might just grow an attachment to his baby blanket and still be sleeping with it well into his teen years...  No judgements!
Madison Swivel Glider:  I plan on leaning a lot on my mommy girlfriends for advice and have already been told that a comfortable chair in the nursery is a must.  When you stop to think about how much time you will be spending feeding, reading to, or just cuddling your newborn, then it makes perfect sense to splurge.  What I love about this glider is that I won't have to sacrifice chicness for comfort.
Scoot 3-in1 Convertible Crib:  The crib that you choose is SO important, and I love that this one is convertible, so that he can grow into it. After all, if you are spending money on something, shouldn't you make sure to get the most use out of it? Also, just like with the dresser, I am obsessed with the midcentury modern feel of this piece.  
Monkey Ring Teether:  Well, isn't this just the cutest!  I am all about elephants and giraffes for our little one's nursery, so why not have that cross over to all accessories?!  Teething is miserable, but at least he can have a sweet, snuggly friend to help him through this phase!
Cable Kit Cardigan:  I mean, does it get any more adorable than this?!  I am beyond excited to dress our little boy up!  I imagine pairing this sweater with little corduroy, a plaid shirt, and maybe even a little puffy vest over it in the fall... I can't even handle it!
Navy Striped Rug:  A soft rug is a must in any nursery, and I love the preppy nautical feel that this one provides.  So much will happen here - tummy time, first crawls, first steps... Okay, time, slow down!
Sea Stripe Infant Gown:  I get teary-eyed writing this, but all I can imagine is bringing him home from the hospital in a sweet little number such as this gown.  December 3rd can't come soon enough!

Thank you to 32/7 for partnering on this post


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