February 26, 2015

Less Is More?

Although my mother attempted to raise me in a "less is more" fashion, it apparently never fully took.  If I was a cocktail you would order me straight up with a twist. 
 While I love a good classic look, I am also compelled to combine all things printed, furry, and sparkly.  As you can see, this Tory Burch coat possesses all of those characteristics--so you can imagine my excitment upon spotting this on the rack at TJ Maxx.  
In order to allow this beauty to take center stage (which is obviously her calling) I paired her with all black (mom would be so proud!) while adding a bit of contrast through these fabulous sunglasses from Victory Optical's newly launched, made in the USA , collection. (The glasses also contributed to the overall look--lending it a vintage vibe). And let us not forget the necklace.  I found this at auction and just about hit the floor over it.  
The only time that I find less is more to be a appropriate, would be while shopping a sale.
Spending Less =  Buying More.
Shaken, not stirred.
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