December 29, 2014


I am in my happy place!  In my former acting days (yes, I was an actress), I moved out to Los Angeles twice, and, although my heart always brought me back home to the East Coast, I became forever in love with California.  There is an energy here that is like no other place, and I always feel rejuvenated upon arrival.  Now... I know my LA friends pride themselves on their healthy lifestyle, BUT my first stop always has to be In n' Out. Why this place does not exist on the East Coast is beyond me, but it makes it that much more special having it here - after all, only in Hollywood can you be fast-food fancy.  Xx
Sunglasses: Victory Optical (30% off all purchases until January 1st with code Teggy30). Scarf: Hermes. Sweater: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx. Belt: Hermes. Purse: Prada. Pants: Nanette Lepore. Shoes: Similar.

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