November 30, 2020


Yesterday I realized that I always focus on my Colleen Rothschild facial products (see post here), and have failed to mention that I also use their hair and bath products, which I LOVE!  Here is what you will find bath side at Club 21 (my house).

1. Quench & Shine Restorative Mask: While some people use this everyday, I prefer to use it as a mask.  Every Sunday night I apply to my hair, cover with a terry turban, and go to sleep.  In the morning I rinse it out, wash my hair, add a bit more of this for a few minutes and the result is shiny and soft...something I thought I would never have after so many years of bleach!

2.  As mentioned above, when I wash said hair,  it is with Quench & Shine Restorative Shampoo.  Again, it leaves my hair feeling shiny and soft, as well as super clean :)

3. Creamy Oil Body Wash: I mean the name says it all!  I tend to have pretty dry skin, especially as we enter the colder months, and this solves that problem. The results are satin smooth skin with a touch of the loveliest fragrance. 

4. Body Scrub - Tahitian Monoi: Pink Himalayan Salt crystals + Brazilian Brown Sugar equals some serious skin happiness! Most weeks I get a spray tan on Tuesdays, so on Monday night I soak in a tub and exfoliate my entire body with this.  It is magical and has the most delicious the packaging is absolutely gorgeous!

You will love all of these products, and now is the perfect time to give them a try as they are 30% off until tomorrow with code CM2020.

Brought to you by Colleen Rothschild

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  1. Ok I know this post is about the wonderful bath products but I have to know the name of the so so so fab wallpaper in your bathroom!!! love the PJs too!!



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