October 29, 2019


As if I could love Drew Barrymore anymore, she goes and creates a children's line that can be found at Walmart!  Guys, "Flower Kids" is the SWEETEST...and even though Lawrence's nursery has been perfectly decorated (or so I thought) since before he was born, I managed to find pillows, an alligator lamp, and the cutest end-table that I just had to have!  Honestly, I wasn't sure how everything would tie together, but it really made the room SO MUCH BETTER!  It was lacking that bit of child-like whimsy that every kid's room should have.  Thank you Drew for reminding me that everything in childhood should be happy and bright...even their decor!  

White Single Drawer Nightstand (I am also obsessed with the dresser)

Brought to you by Walmart

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