May 19, 2019


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last day to shop the Colleen Rothschild Friends & Family sale, which you most definitely should take advantage of, seeing as everything is 25% off (code FAMILY25)!

  I don't share a lot on skincare, even though it's a top request in my message inbox on Instagram, because I never want to push any products that I don't fully stand behind.  My stance changed recently after I was introduced to Colleen Rothschild...if you saw her skin, you would not hesitate to use all of her products and follow all of her directions to transform your skin into looking as fabulous as hers!  

Seeing as I was having some issues with my skin due to the looooong winter I endured in New Jersey (I couldn't even wear foundation because my skin was so dry!), I was so ready to try any new product.  Well, selecting Colleen Rothschild's luxury line turned out to be the best decision I ever made in terms of my beauty regime!  My skin has absolutely never looked better, and I was confident enough to go makeup-free yesterday (see below) because I felt so confident with my newfound glow!  I am down here in Charleston with the family, and, after seeing my bare face yesterday, Jenny and my mother-in-law both want to try these products because of the amazing results they saw on me (her products are great for every skin type --- from young to aging).  

I am going to link the products that I own below, and I highly recommend you try them.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee (plus free shipping on orders over $49) so what do you have to lose?!  You and your skin will definitely be thanking me, so you're welcome in advance :)

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