August 10, 2017


You know how people say, "Things aren't made the way they used to be..."  Well, Lafont Paris eyewear is about to change your mind on that!  A family-run company that was started ninety years ago, Lafont has held true to the beauty of what authentic fashion should be: well-made, elegant pieces that will last a lifetime.  Made in France, the design of each pair of glasses spares no detail; you can truly see their family's pride expressed through their beautifully crafted designs, a rarity these days in a world of fast fashion.  With that said, I could't be prouder to be partnering with Lafont on today's post!

  I think you all know by now how much I adore a round silhouette when it comes to my shades - I would even gander to say that it has become a Teggy signature - so imagine my excitement when I laid my eyes upon the ever-chic Vannes, my personal favorite.  Above, you will see that I styled two different color schemes of these fabulous sunglasses because I couldn't choose just one, and if you don't have to, then why should you :)

Thank you Lafont paris for "making Parisian chic accessible worldwide"... this Jersey gal is forever grateful!

To shop Lafont's full collection, and to learn more about the brand, click here


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