September 23, 2016


As you well know by now, I LOVE to travel.  I would have to say that discovering new places is my favorite thing to do...well, maybe that and shop :)  BUT one thing that I do not love is trying to figure out what to wear while attempting to get to my destination...  
After spending a lot of time at the airport this summer, it became apparent to me that I am not alone in this struggle.  In every airport where I landed, it seemed like so many people have just given up and reached right for their pajamas.  That is NOT okay in my book.  What has happened to the days of getting dressed to travel?!  It used to be a luxury that people really took pride in, and, although I am aware that travel has changed and is certainly not as glamorous as it used to be, I still think it is important to look good while still being comfortable.  
Luckily, Ali & Edi has us covered with their Essential Wardrobe Collection, which includes the perfect combination of a top, a drape-front jacket, and either pants or a skirt.  Their knit material is super cozy, doesn't wrinkle, and looks totally chic... PLUS they are offering you all 20% off and a free tote - hello, travel perfection!  

Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Scarf: Pucci (similar HERE)
Purse: Celine
Luggage: Large & Small


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