July 9, 2016


I hope you all are having a great weekend!  I am here on Nantucket, one of my most favorite places, enjoying quality time with my family and friends.  

The more I travel,  which I absolutely live for, the more I am reminded of how necessary it is to own outfits that are not only made of non-wrinkling material, but that also are coordinating!  Packing majorly stresses me out, so the less I have to think of, the better.  

This specific co-ord is from Cone & Coleman, and I couldn't love it more due of its oh-so-fabulous aztec print and the fact that it's beyond luxurious to the touch.  The material is pure perfection in every way, and the style of both the pants and the top could not be more flattering for all body types.  You might need to add this to your wardrobe and use it as an excuse to start planning where you will pack for next.  For me it's Nantucket and beyond!  

To order this look please contact Cone & Coleman

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